Lucid was originally formed in 2011 with a focus on greenfield development projects in emerging resource plays.

Lucid’s creative, agile and experienced team is well suited for the Permian Basin, which has been the fastest growing basin in the world over the past decade. Since completing its first mile of pipe in 2012, Lucid has installed ~1.55 Bcf/d of processing capacity and nearly 1,200 miles of infrastructure in the Permian Basin supported by ~2 million acres of dedications from the country’s premier E&P operators. 

Lucid currently manages the largest private gas gathering and processing business in the Permian Basin and is focused on continuing to build out its Northern Delaware Basin assets, which consist of 2,150 miles of gathering pipelines, 1.2 Bcf/d of processing capacity, and 33 compressor stations.  

  • 2011 Lucid Energy Group is established
  • 2012 Lucid receives large-scale dedication from Large Cap Independent and begins rapidly constructing a rich-gas gathering, processing and treating franchise
  • 2012-2015 Lucid constructs 4 processing plants in the Midland Basin, a nitrogen rejection facility, and over 500 miles of gathering and transportation lines to support rapid customer volume growth  
  • 2016 Lucid enters the Delaware Basin with acquisition of Agave Energy Company (Yates Petroleum midstream arm) 
  • 2017 Lucid divests non-core assets including Roswell, Lovington and Rowdy Pipeline to better focus efforts on the most productive areas in the Northern Delaware Basin
  • 2017 Lucid constructs Red Hills II and Roadrunner gas processing plants
  • 2018 Lucid’s Northern Delaware Basin assets are acquired by a JV between Riverstone Holdings LLC and Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Group
  • 2018 Lucid completes construction of Red Hills III plant 
  • 2019 Lucid completes construction of Red Hills IV plant and associated amine treating capacity
  • 2019 Lucid surpasses ~1,000,000 dedicated acres in the Delaware Basin
  • 2020 Lucid eclipses 1 Bcf/d system volume milestone with the commissioning of Red Hills V plant